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You Shouldn’t Be the One to Pay the Price After Someone Else’s Wrongdoing Left You Seriously Injured in Texoma!

You may never imagine it would happen to you.  But when it does happen, you need answers when someone’s wrongdoing leaves you faced with brain trauma, spinal damage, or another severe injury and you find yourself face to face with significant life changes, large medical bills, and more.   If you are like many people hurt after a Texoma truck accident or by an intoxicated person in Wichita Falls, you looking for the best way to be compensated for your loss.

You didn’t cause your injuries, and you should not be the one to pay for them! Unfortunately, even when someone else’s negligence left you seriously injured, you are forced to pay beyond the physical pain you endure.

At Steven Booker Law, we understand how devastating these types of accidents can be. We take our job of fighting for people injured by others seriously. Often, this means taking on cases that many other law firms refuse. Unlike many other personal injury law firms, we go the extra mile to ensure you get the settlement and care you deserve after a tragic turn of events left your life in pieces.

When You’re Seriously Injured, an Experienced Attorney in Texoma Can Advocate for Your Rights

After an injury, the last thing you want to do is be kept awake at night worried about how you will have to pay for mounting medical bills and your injuries or what will happen to the person who caused you so much harm. You have been through enough! You should not be burdened with fighting for what is fair and just in your settlement. That’s when having a skilled, experienced Texoma accident attorney on your side can help.

When you work with Burkburnett lawyer Steven Booker, you put an advocate on your side who will fight for what you deserve after a harmful injury.

  • If you were hurt in a serious Texoma truck accident, let Steven Booker be your guide. Truck accidents are unique and require someone experienced in fighting back against a trucker’s negligence. Steven Booker understands how to investigate, prosecute,  and negotiate truck accident claims. With years of experience standing up to trucking company insurance adjusters, Steven Booker knows how to fight for you through all the red tape, rules, and regulations.
  • If an intoxicated person left you seriously injured, you may be able to sue the Texoma bar that served them. Bars and pubs have an obligation to not over serve drunk people. If they do, and that person causes a serious car accident or hurts you in any way due to their intoxication, you may be able to hold the bar or restaurant accountable for serving too much alcohol to the person before they injured you. These are called Dram Shop cases.

You Don't Have to Fight Alone!

You’ve been through enough. Now, let a Texoma lawyer negotiate on your behalf and guide you through the settlement process. With help from Steven Booker, you can rest easy and focus on your recovery while having complete confidence that your case is being handled in the best way possible.

Truck accidents, severe auto accidents, and dram shop cases can all leave you to pay the price after being seriously injured in Texoma. If you have head injuries, spinal injuries, or other severe injuries, get the help of Steven Booker to represent you so that you can maximize your recovery for your loss.

Call Steven Booker at 888-473-5443 to schedule your appointment today!

Practice Areas

Truck Accidents Truck Accidents

Collisions on I-40, I-287, or on the 380 can have serious consequences. You may be left with brain, spine, or neck injuries that can change your quality of life forever. When this happens, you need someone on your side who understands how trucking insurance companies operate and how to get you the best settlement possible in your case.

Dram Shop Dram Shop

It’s no secret that drunken people tend to make poor decisions. In Texas and Oklahoma, you have the right to sue a bartender who over-serves someone, causing him to become intoxicated and a danger to others. Learn how you can get justice for a bartender’s negligence with help from a dram shop attorney in Texoma.

Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries Spinal Cord and Brain Injuries

When people act negligently, such as when they are drunk or when they are distracted behind the wheel, their mistakes can lead to serious injuries to those around them. If someone else caused you to suffer a serious brain or spinal cord injury in Texas or Oklahoma, you should not have to pay. Turn to spine and brain injury lawyer Steven Booker for to help.

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