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Were You Hit By A Drunk Driver? Were You Hurt After A Bartender Over-Served Someone? Get Justice With Help From a Dram Shop Lawyer in Wichita Falls County

When people are intoxicated, their ability to make good decisions for themselves and those around them is stifled. That’s why bartenders are taught that they cannot over-serve customers who show signs of heavy intoxication. When they do—and something goes wrong—you may find yourself seriously injured in a vehicle accident or a bar fight.

If someone who was served too much alcohol harmed you, you can sue the bartender for negligence. The state dram shop laws in Texas and Oklahoma hold servers accountable for some injuries caused after a customer was over-served.

Don’t Let a Bartender’s Negligence Go Unpunished

Bartenders have both a moral obligation and a legal duty to stop serving alcohol to someone who acts or appears intoxicated. Unfortunately, many bartenders will ignore this law in an effort to sell more alcohol and earn more tips. When they do, innocent people on the roads or in the restaurant may be the ones who pay the price.

If an intoxicated person injured you, you have the right to sue the restaurant’s insurance company for damages. The problem is, this process tends to be difficult. Proving that someone was overly intoxicated or acted negligently as a result of being served too much alcohol is not easy.

Texoma Negligence Lawyer Steven Booker Goes the Extra Mile to Fight Back

Steven Booker has helped people in Texas and Oklahoma get justice after a bartender acted negligently and over-served an intoxicated person. While some lawyers may shy away from cases that are hard to prove, such as dram shop cases in Texas, Steven Booker is ready to do what it takes to hold the negligent restaurant and server responsible for their actions.

Here are a few of the ways Steven Booker will dig deep and fight on your behalf:

  • By proving how much the person had to drink at the restaurant
  • By gaining valuable witness testimony that the person was intoxicated at the time of the incident
  • By investigating restaurant claims that they never over-serve patrons

With Steven Booker on your side, you can be confident that your case will get the attention it deserves.

Do your part to put an end to future injuries caused by intoxicated people! If you were hurt by a drunk person in Wichita Falls, Decatur, Lawton, Duncan, or anywhere else in Texoma, contact Wichita County personal injury attorney Steven Booker today at (940) 569-4000 to find out if you have a case, and how you can hold the bartenders responsible for their negligence.

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