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18-Wheeler Danger: Five Common Causes of Truck Accidents on I-40

If you have ever driven down I-40 alongside an 18-wheel semi-truck, you have probably sensed the power, size, and weight difference between this enormous truck and your passenger vehicle. Semi-trucks are massive. When one of these large vehicles collides with your car, the chances are that you will receive the worst of the impact, leaving you with far graver injuries than the truck driver.

A large part of any Texoma I-40 truck accident case is determining the cause of the crash. This plays a vital role in your case, as it is used to negotiate how much you will receive in your settlement offer. Knowing some of the most common causes of accidents can help you know what to look for.

Common Causes for Texas Truck Accidents

Here are a few of the reasons truck accidents happen on I-40:

  • Speed. Driving too fast or too slowly can be very hazardous. This is particularly true when the driver is operating a large vehicle. When truck drivers get tired, one of the first signs is often failure to drive at a safe speed.
  • Drug Use. Regardless of whether a truck driver takes a prescription medication, over-the-counter drug, or illegal drugs, driving with any type of drug in his system is dangerous. This can cause him to become dizzy, drowsy, jittery, or disoriented, which can impact how safely he drives.
  • Fatigue. Some studies show that fatigued driving is functionally equivalent to drunk driving. Truckers work long hours and have tight schedules to keep. If they are tired after a long day on the road, they may not drive as safely as they should.
  • Poor Safety Practices. Drivers are trained to practice safe driving. However, after hours on the road, taking routine precautions—such as turning on a blinker before a turn or checking a blind spot—can easily be forgotten. When that happens, a truck driver is more likely to collide with your car.
  • Distracted Driving. Cell phones, radios, music, food, and more can all cause a truck driver to take his eyes off the road and his hands off the wheel. When this happens, he puts everyone around them in jeopardy.


As you begin your case with the trucking company, keep these common truck accident causes on in mind. If you are not sure what caused your I-40 truck wreck, attorney Steven Booker can help. Connect with him today by filling out the contact form on this page for more information.

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