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External Resources

Personal Injury

  • Brain Injury Association of America

    Brain injuries in Texas, Oklahoma, and across the country leave victims to face unique challenges. With help from the Brain Injury Association of America, you can find the resources you need to cope with your brain injury through a community of understanding, supportive people.

  • United Spinal Association

    If you experienced a serious spinal cord injury in Texas or Oklahoma, your life will be forever changed. Learn how to cope with this injury and get the support you need in your area with help from the United Spinal Association.

Truck Accidents

  • Oklahoma Department of Public Safety

    The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has a mission of providing safe transportation to all motorists who travel on Oklahoma roadways. Before you travel, it is advised you look at the weather conditions and other information on this website to help you stay safe and avoid being a victim of an Oklahoma truck crash.

  • Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

    If you were involved in a Texas truck accident, you know how scary these situations can be. Learn your rights as a motorist and how to avoid future potential truck accidents with the information found on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website.

  • United States Department of Transportation

    Every truck that drives on American highways is required to have a permit from the United States Department of Transportation. When you are involved in a truck accident in Texoma, you can learn more about the truck that hit you and the company that operates it—as well as your rights as a motorist—on this website.

Dram Shop Accidents

  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving Dram Shop Law Overview

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving is an advocacy group that works hard to keep drunk drivers off the roadways and to support victims of drunk driving accidents. Learn more about your rights as a drunk driving victim on this website, including how to sue a bar in Texoma for allowing someone to get drunk and get behind the wheel.