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Injured by a Drunk: Why Suing a Texas Bar After an Incident Is Important

According to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), Texas saw a decrease of 6.5 percent in single vehicle nighttime injury causing accidents after a liability case was filed in 1983. In 1984, Texas saw an additional decrease of 5.3 percent after another lawsuit was filed. By 2001, researchers found that fatal accidents decreased by 5.8 percent.

MADD is not the only one to publish these statistics. Many studies show a positive impact in holding negligent bartenders and restaurants responsible when they serve too much alcohol to intoxicated patrons.

How Suing a Texas Bar Helps Reduce Injuries

When a person drinks enough to become intoxicated, she often makes decisions that she may not have made if she were sober. For example, she may be more likely to get behind the wheel of her car and drive home if she has had an excessive amount of alcohol and is too drunk to realize the risk she poses to others on the road.

If a drunk driver hurt you, you may be able to sue the bar that served the person alcohol before she crashed into you. When you sue a Texas bar for serving someone to the point that she becomes intoxicated and injures someone else, you help prevent future drunk-driving crashes caused by someone being over-served in a bar.

Here’s how a lawsuit prevents future tragedies:

  • It increases awareness of the potential risks that go along with over-serving patrons
  • It decreases the likelihood of future accidents caused by over-serving patrons
  • It protects the public with fewer intoxicated people driving on the roadways or causing trouble in bars, pubs, or restaurants

There are some limitations that go along with suing a Texas bar for over-serving a customer. For that reason, it is important that you seek guidance from a skilled, experienced dram shop attorney in Texas when filing your lawsuit.

If someone you know was seriously hurt by an intoxicated person in Texoma, share this article with them on email or on Facebook. By spreading the word about the importance of suing bars and restaurants for their staff’s negligence, you can help prevent future drunk driving accidents and serious injuries or death.

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