Posted on Mar 25, 2022

Praying hands

On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, shortly after 12 p.m., a semi-truck collided with a car containing six Tishomingo High School girls at the intersection of U.S. 377 and Oklahoma 22, according to KFDX News Channel 3. Unfortunately, the Tishomingo Public School System and the community grieves heavily as all six of the Tishomingo High School girls tragically passed away.

Although a lot is still unknown about the accident, we do know that the semi-truck was driving south on U.S. 377 and the car the girls were in was at a stop sign. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol official said of the incident, “We don’t know the full nature or details of what caused the crash, only that the car at some point was at this stop sign and that in the following moments the semi hit them. When we got to the scene you could see the car about 100 feet or so from the intersection completely totaled.”

The scene of the accident showed the vehicle dismantled with its roof and multiple doors ripped off of it. Although the OHP official says he isn’t sure how much of this destruction is from the crash itself or from emergency responders, it certainly depicts a heartbreaking scene.

Several public officials have made statement regarding this tragic Tishomingo, Oklahoma wreck, including Superintendent Bobby Waitman, saying, “We feel it is imperative that we inform you that our District has suffered a great loss today involving high school students,” Waitman said in a letter to parents and community members. “Our hearts are broken, and we are grieving with our students and staff. We have counselors available to students presently. We also have space prepared at Tishomingo High School with counselors available through the evening.”

Another statement came from Governor Kevin Stitt: “We just heard about the tragic loss of six teenagers; still getting details; gonna be reaching out to the superintendent. Our hearts are broken with those six families. Just devastating news.”

Our team at Booker Law sends our deepest condolences to the families of these six Tishomingo High School girls, to their friends, to the Tishomingo Public School System, and to the whole community.