July 10th, 2009 a day I will never forget. On this day I almost lost my life. I woke up at my friend’s house nothing out of the ordinary. I went to wake my friend up so we could go job searching, when her dog jumped on the bed. I turned to look at something that I can’t recall. All the sudden I was in the jaws of her dog he was shaking me violently and it was hard to get a hold of his jaw to pull him off. I felt the blood runny down my neck so I knew it wasn’t a little bite that he broke skin and if I didn’t get him off soon I could easily die in the mouth of that dog. So with all the will I had I grabbed both ends of the dogs jaw and pulled til I heard a “Pop”.

 I ran straight to the bathroom and looked straight into the mirror when I realized the damage was much worse than I thought. My cheek was literally hanging off my face. I passed out and don’t remember much but my friend slapping my leg trying to wake me up. I had to sit in the apartment alone for what seemed like forever because my friend had to go get my mom, and the ambulance wasn’t there. Once everyone was there it was evident that the damage was bad I had lost a lot of blood and was possibly going to need a blood transfusion.

I went straight to the hospital and went to surgery a hour later. I was the worst recovery I have ever had. I had over 150 internal and external stitches, both in my mouth and out. I now suffer from a neurological disease called Trigeminal neuralgia. Which basically means my face is constantly feeling like I have lighting all over my face. The damage also cause me to no longer have feeling in my lower jaw causing me to have issues with eating and normal activities.

I tried to find someone to prosecute my friend for my medical bills, due to the fact since the accident she never once came to neither see me nor help my family at all. Unfortunately I found out that the dog was a breed of dog that should had never been in the apartments in the first place. He turned out to be a wolf hybrid. Which made it really hard for me to find anyone to take my case? There was a lot riding against me. No one wanted to go against the apartment complex because the only thing that they had against them was that they allowed a wolf-Hybrid in the apartments.

Steven Booker took on the difficult task of my difficult case. He went above and beyond to find evidence to go against the apartment and my past friends. It took a while, but he never stopped trying. He overcame many obstacles within the case and we came out to win. We were able to get way more then expected.

If anyone is looking for a very hard working , determined Lawyer Steven Booker is my recommendation. He is remarkable as a lawyer very down to earth and tells you just like you need to hear, he holds nothing back. I am very grateful to have him as my lawyer and I will use him again if I need anything or will tell others to use him.

Thank you so much Mr. Booker for all your hard work and willingness to take on such a difficult case. I will forever be grateful!!!!

Wren P. - Wichita Falls, TX