When someone is hurt or killed in an alcohol-related incident, sometimes responsibility can be placed on the alcohol provider. However, it’s typically unknown as to who holds what type of legal liability and furthermore, how to hold those who are responsible accountable. The area of legal practice involving the liability of alcohol sale is known as Liquor Liability and Dram Shop Law.

Because these laws are so unfamiliar to the average person, it may be beneficial to start with the basics.

Dram shop laws, in most states, permits victims of drunk driving accidents (or even their families) to hold bars and alcohol providers accountable for the death or injury caused by an intoxicated customer or person.

Essentially, if an establishment or individual sells alcohol irresponsibly and overserves a person who they know is already dangerously drunk, or “obviously intoxicated”, as the law states, they can be held liable for any actions of that person including injuries or death to themselves or others.

Again, these laws are unfamiliar to most. Our team at Booker Law understands these laws and the benefits they could bring to an injured person or family member. 

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