You see, large, very powerful vehicles deserve and demand respect and extra caution on the road. The safety of everyone else on the road requires companies to hire and train exceptional drivers to ensure these powerful machines are handled properly.  

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Accidents involving big trucks continue to happen and often times, these accidents are devastating, leaving those involved either seriously injured or dead.

A majority of these large trucks are owned by powerful corporations that have substantial investments to protect after a trucking accident. Trucking companies and their insurance carriers are notorious for taking quick action to deflect the blame off themselves and avoid any potential litigation or lawsuit.

Sometimes they will do this by offering low-end settlements to individuals who don’t know any better.

Now, because of all this, there is a lot more that goes into working these trucking accident cases as opposed to a typical car accident. 

You may ask, what is the difference between a truck accident and typical car accident?

Well the first major difference is that there are Federal Laws that all trucking companies must follow.  Knowing these laws will help prove your case against a trucking company.

Other differences include immediately putting these powerful corporations and insurance companies on notice so that all documentation is preserved and hiring other experts to reconstruct the accident, collect video footage, and download data from the truck or trucks that were involved in your accident.

In cases with serious, life-altering injuries, a life care planner will need to be consulted to see if you will need future medical care for your injuries and how much that medical care will cost. Additionally, if you cannot return to work because of your injuries, an economist will need to be consulted to document your inability to earn a living and provide for yourself and your family.  

If you have been in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or a semi-truck and you have suffered major injuries, you need to seek out an experienced accident and injury attorney who will walk you step by step through the process while handling all of the work that goes into recovering from these powerful corporations and their insurance carriers.

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