You can do the same exact thing you would do as if you were in a regular car accident. The damages in these types of accidents tend to be less than those that result from car accidents involving two moving vehicles, but the process of proving fault and recovering the compensation you deserve can be just as difficult.

What to Do After a Parked Car Accident in Wichita FallsParked car accident in Wichita Falls

In order to protect your legal rights and maximize your chances at recovery, you should take certain steps after a parked car accident in Wichita Falls.

Take photographs and videos.

In order to receive fair compensation, you are going to need hard evidence of what happened and what the damages are. In order to accomplish this, it’s important that you take photographs and videos of the vehicles involved, the location, and any injuries you sustained as a result of the accident.

Call 911 to investigate.

Even if it seems like a minor accident, you should call the police to come to investigate and make a report. Again, this is important for documenting what happen and having evidence to prove everything to the insurance company.

Check surrounding businesses for surveillance cameras.

Often times, video surveillance cameras from surrounding businesses will capture the accident. Video footage of the accident taking place is the best type of evidence you could have for proving your case.

Find and collect information from witness.

Collecting information from people who actually saw the accident happen is important in case the insurance company tries to deny your claim.

Get the contact and insurance information from the driver who hit you.

If someone hit you, they are required to remain at the scene and provide you with their information. It’s important to get this information so you know what insurance company to file a claim with. If you get the police to come and investigate, this information should be included on the report. The person who hit you is required to give you this information even if you are not around. If the person fails to do so, the accident is deemed a hit-and-run accident. In that case, it may be difficult to determine who the person was who hit you. That’s why it is so important for you to have uninsured motorist (UM) coverage on your own car insurance policy. UM typically covers hit-and-run accidents.

Seek medical treatment.

If you were in the parked car when it was hit and you sustained injuries, even if they are minor, you should seek medical treatment from a doctor. Once again, this is important for proving your damages and getting compensation from the insurance company. Please note that often victims of car accidents in Wichita Falls don’t immediately feel symptoms because of the adrenaline they experience from being in an accident. Symptoms may not manifest themselves until days later. It’s always good practice to go get checked out by a doctor after you have been in a car wreck in Wichita Falls even if you don’t think you are injured.

How a Wichita Falls Car Wreck Lawyer Can Help You

An experienced Wichita Falls car wreck lawyer will alleviate a heavy burden off of you by handling everything that is necessary to successfully pursue your claim. The attorney will collect all the evidence, file all the claims, deal with the insurance companies, and if necessary, file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Wichita Falls Car Wreck Lawyer

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