The term “dram shop” refers to a bar, club, tavern, or other establishment where alcohol is sold. The term came about because alcohol used to be sold in units called drams. Now, dram shop law in Texas refers to the laws over people or establishments that serve alcohol to their patrons.

Bartenders, restaurant owners, and servers have a moral and legal obligation to stop serving alcohol to someone who is intoxicated. This law was put in place as public policy to protect people from the bad decisions many people make while intoxicated. Some of these decisions put other people at risk, including:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Starting bar fights while under the influence

Because many people are not aware of this law, restaurants and bartenders may go unpunished when they serve too much alcohol. Your friend may be right. If a drunk driver hurt you, chances are you have a case against the commercial establishment that served him alcohol.

The first thing you should do is determine where the person drank prior to getting behind the wheel. If it was a bar or restaurant, it is important that you contact a dram shop lawyer in Texoma.

Proving that a person was intoxicated can be very difficult. With help from someone skilled in this area of law, you have a greater chance winning when you sue the bar after an intoxicated person hurt you. Contact our law firm today for help with your specific case.