Wichita Falls car wrecks can completely upend your life, forcing you to miss work, deal with fixing your car, deal withLegal action signs for Wichita Falls car wreck lawsuits. constant pain and doctor’s appointments, deal with the insurance company in order to get compensated for your accident, and if necessary, file a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident.

As you can see, dealing with all these things can be very stressful, but it’s important to handle all these things the correct way in order to maximize your chance at recovery. Therefore, it’s critical that you know your legal rights, which includes when to file a lawsuit.

Wichita Falls Car Wreck Claims

With Wichita Falls car wrecks, you will try to settle the claim with the insurance company before it even gets to the point where there needs to be a lawsuit filed. In other words, a lawsuit will only be filed when the insurance company is denying your claim or undervaluing your claim.

There’s a process you should follow whenever you are involved in Wichita Falls car wrecks. First, you should make sure to collect all the necessary evidence and get treated for your injuries. For more information on this, check out our article on the ways to maximize your Wichita Falls car accident claim. Next, you should be very careful with what you say when dealing with the insurance company. This is critical because anything you say to them could be used against you. Beware of signing any authorizations, giving any statements, or signing any releases. Check out our article on how to handle your Wichita Falls car wreck claim yourself. This information will walk you through the steps you need to take to go about settling your claim with the insurance company.

It’s really a good idea to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer before you begin dealing with the insurance company. A good attorney can provide you with a little bit of guidance even if they don’t handle your case. And if they do take your case, they will take dealing with the insurance company completely off your plate and handle it all themselves.​​​​​​​

If your attempts to settle your Wichita Falls car wreck claim fail, then you will have to consider filing a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit is a whole other process that involves a lot of complicated steps: drafting the petition, conducting discovery, filing motions, and conducting the actual trial itself, among other things. An experienced Wichita Falls personal injury and car wreck lawyer can help you with this task because it likely isn’t something you want to try to do alone.

One important thing to always remember in Wichita Falls car wreck cases, and just personal injury cases as a whole, is that the statute of limitations is 2 years. Therefore, you have two years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit. If you wait beyond those two years, you will be barred from bringing your claim.

The Best Time to File a Wichita Falls Car Wreck Lawsuit

In summary, the best time to file a Wichita Falls car wreck lawsuit is after you’ve first attempted to settle your claim with the insurance company but before the two-year statute of limitations has run out. If you are ever unsure of something in your case, contact an experienced Wichita Falls car wreck lawyer to get some advice.

Contact a Wichita Falls Car Wreck Lawyer

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