The whole reason anyone purchases insurance is to have protection and to have help with they need financial support, especially when something happens to them that isn’t their fault like a Wichita Falls car accident. Drivers buy car insurance to protect themselves, but it is also to protect others in the event they accidentally cause an accident. So, everyone expects everyone else to have that same kind of coverage. In fact, it is required that drivers have a minimum amount of liability auto insurance coverage.Auto Insurance Claim Shows Denied After a Wichita Falls Car Accident

When you buy insurance, you enter into a contract with the insurance company. This contract is simple: you pay your insurance premium each month and when an accident happens, you file a claim with your insurance company who steps in and protects you up to your policy limits. It seems simple, but sometimes it isn’t that straightforward. Insurance companies are businesses whose goal is to make a profit. Therefore, they often use a number of different strategies to either minimize your claim or deny it altogether, even though your claim may have merit and be a legitimate one. An experienced Wichita Falls car accident lawyer can help you when the insurance companies either low balls or denies your Wichita Falls car accident claim.

Why Insurance Companies Deny Wichita Falls Car Accident Claims

As mentioned above, insurance companies have a number of tactics they employ to either minimize or deny your claim. Some of their reasons for doing so include:

Policy Exclusions

Sometimes, language will be hidden in a policy that the insurance company may point to as a reason that excludes your accident.

No Fault

The insurance company may deny your claim by saying their insured isn’t at fault for the accident.

Shared Liability

The insurance company may also deny your claim by saying you contributed to the accident as well

Unreported Injuries

Another tactic the insurance companies will use is saying you failed to report your injuries and therefore, you aren’t really hurt, and you are making up your injuries.

Insufficient Medical Evidence

The insurance company may also say you don’t have the hard evidence to report what you are claiming your injuries are.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Finally, the insurance company may refuse your claim by saying an injury you suffered was pre-existing. They will say your injuries were not the result of the accident because they were already present before the accident.

Incorrect or Incomplete Claim

When filing your claim, if you report any inaccurate or incorrect information, the insurance company may deny your claim. Additionally, if you fail to provide the information they require, they may deny your claim.

Protect Your Rights When Your Wichita Falls Car Accident Claim is Denied

It’s discouraging when a Wichita Falls car accident claim gets denied and it deters a lot of people from continuing to pursue it. It can be very time-consuming and difficult to pursue especially when you are trying to recover from your injuries. Dealing with an insurance company claim denial adds a lot of stress onto an already stressful situation. We will alleviate that stress by handling the entire process for you.

Contact a Wichita Falls Car Accident Lawyer

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