Dealing with the passing of a loved one is never an easy thing. Dealing with all the grief is difficult in itself, so the last thingGavel on probate law book to represent Wichita Falls and Dallas probates you want to do is deal with a bunch of legal and technical issues involving the estate and affairs of the deceased. This blog briefly touches on and provides a starting place for probating Wichita Falls and Dallas estates when a loved one has passed away.  

Probate in Wichita Falls and Dallas 

Probate is a court driven process that a representative often must go through to wrap up the affairs of the deceased. If the deceased died with a Will, typically that Will has to go through the probate process. As such, a petition for probate will have to be filed with the court and then there will be a number of different steps to go through such as notifying the heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors of the deceased’s passing, taking an inventory of the assets of the estate, etc. If the person died without a Will, the person is said to have died intestate, and the laws of the state will govern how that person’s assets are distributed.  

There are certain situations when someone can avoid probate altogether such as when they have created a Trust or when their assets don’t amount to more than a certain amount. There are also situations when someone can avoid probate just for certain assets.  

There is no blanket solution. Each situation is unique and requires an independent look given those specific facts and circumstances. It’s smart to at least consult with an experienced Wichita Falls and Dallas probate attorney to get an evaluation of your situation.  

Steps to Take for Wichita Falls and Dallas Probates 

The appropriate steps to take when dealing with a potential Wichita Falls or Dallas probate is to first of all take some time to grieve. Second, you’ll want to locate the Will if there is one. Third, you’ll want to obtain copies of the death certificate. Fourth, you should try to get a rough idea of the deceased’s assets as well as their bills and accounts. Finally, you should go speak with an experienced Wichita Falls and Dallas probate attorney. These situations can be complicated and it's nearly impossible to cover all the situations. While some things can certainly be handled on your own, you’ll at least want to get a consultation from an attorney who can give you some guidance.  

Contact a Wichita Fall and Dallas Probate Attorney 

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