Probate is the process people often have to go through when a loved one has passed away. Essentially, a representative of thClock, calculator and cash to represent the cost of a probate attorney in Wichita Falls or Dallas. e deceased estate will submit to the court that the deceased has passed away and then the court will oversee the evaluation and distribution of that person’s assets. Probate is one of those areas of law that are often billed on an hourly basis. Typically, an attorney will be hired with a retainer fee and the attorney will work off of that retainer fee based on his hourly rate. If the fee runs out, then the attorney will generate bills based on his hourly rate. That being said, some probates are predictably easier or more complex depending on the situation and circumstances, so there may be the option to set a fixed fee. Therefore, it’s best to go visit with a Wichita Falls or Dallas probate attorney to get an idea of their prices.​​​​​​​

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