Gavel and hourglass as a representation of the time it takes to probate a will in Wichita Falls

Generally, probating a will in Wichita Falls shouldn’t take longer than a year. In some cases, it could even be completed in a matter of months. However, it could take longer in other, unfortunate situations involving complicated estates and circumstances. Some of the factors that contribute to a long probate process include:

  • Will contests
  • Estate with complex assets such as business interests
  • Taxable estates

Luckily, some states have a simplified process for smaller estates whose total value is below a certain amount. By utilizing this simplified process, you can shorten the length of the probate by a considerable amount. However, the best way to avoid the headache of probate is through proper estate planning. When you the right estate plan in place, your loved ones won't ever have to step foot in the probate court. You'll be saving them time, money, and the headache that goes along with trying to get through the probate process. Contact us today to schedule a free estate planning consultation. We love helping families set up the right estate plan so they can protect their families and preserve their assets

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