A Last Will and Testament is a document that specifies exactly what should happen to your assets, the things you own, when you pass away. Additionally, your Will designates a person to carry out those wishes and make sure the right people get the right things.Last Will and Testament with open pen laying on the document

When it comes to the circumstances in which a Will is necessary for Wichita Falls and Dallas residents, the answer really comes down to this simple question: when you die, who do you want to determine what happens to your stuff? Do you want to say what happens to your stuff or do you want the government to say what happens to your stuff?

If you answered that you want control, then you should likely make a Will. Grant it, there may be a few circumstances where other estate planning strategies could suffice, but generally, a Will is the primary method. If you are indifferent and don’t mind the government having control over who gets your stuff, then you don’t need a Will. Moreover, there are certain circumstances in which a Will is a must such as if you are married, have kids, have a blended family, or have a positive net worth with a lot of assets.

Please note that all Wills have to go through probate, a court-directed process by which your estate is properly distributed and closed. Probate takes time and money, so if you want to save your heirs and beneficiaries the headache of probate, you may consider getting a Trust.

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