Liability Coverage in Auto Insurance Policies in Wichita Falls

Whenever you purchase an auto insurance policy in WichitaComputer screen showing liability auto insurance coverage of Wichita Falls driver Falls, there is a contract between yourself and the insurance company. You pay the premiums (the monthly payments for the coverage) and the insurance company agrees to provide protection for you. One of the most important types of auto insurance coverage to have is called liability insurance.

Liability insurance provides coverage for you in the event you cause a wreck and hurt another driver out on the road and damage their vehicle. Whenever you cause a wreck and cause damage to the other person’s vehicle or cause injuries to that person, your liability coverage that you have on your auto insurance policy kicks in and helps pay for that person’s medical treatment as well as the repairing of their vehicle. The insurance company will pay the injured person up to the limits of the liability coverage that you have on your policy and will provide everything that is needed to help defend you, including hiring an attorney for you if you are being sued.

Minimum Liability Coverage in Wichita Falls

The state of Texas has a minimum liability coverage requirement of $30,000/$60,000, which is the minimum liability coverage in Wichita Falls. All drivers in Texas are required to carry this minimum coverage. Now the two numbers may seem odd to you. Here is what they mean: the first number is the coverage that is available per person and the second number is the coverage that is available per accident. So, if you have the minimum coverage in Texas, each injured person in a single accident is covered by up to $30,000, but the total amount the insurance company will pay for that accident is $60,000. So, if there are three people who are injured in the accident, all three people have to split the $60,000 and the most any one person would be paid would be $20,000.

In the scenario described above, if any person’s injuries exceed $20,000, or if the entire claim for each of the three people exceeds $60,000, you could be personally responsible for what the policy does not cover.

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