Personal Injury Cases That Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Wichita Falls

 It’s true that a lawyer is not needed for every car accident or personal injury case. For instance, you likely do not need to hire a personal injury lawyer when there is little or no damage to your vehicle or property, if your injuries are only very minor injuries, and if you did not lose any income from having been in the accident.

Why don’t you need a personal injury lawyer? Because if your damages (damage to your vehicle, injuries, lost income) are small, it may not be worth the cost of hiring a lawyer. Unless the insurance company is refusing to pay what you deserve, for small claims there usually isn’t any reason to hire an attorney.

If you do decide to try to settle your case on your own and not hire a lawyer for your personal injury claim, you should still consider seeking a free consultation and free evaluation from a personal injury lawyer. We can give you a free evaluation of your case and offer you some insight and guidance for how to proceed and take the right steps to adequately pursue your personal injury case.

However, if you have serious damages and injuries, you should considerCar accident victim hiring a Wichita Falls personal injury lawyer hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you and pursue your personal injury claim for you. Having legal representation can help ensure all aspects of the case are considered, all required evidence is obtained, and you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

The situations in which it is best to have a lawyer for your case are clearly stated in our previous blog. In summary, if your answer is “Yes” to each of the questions below, you would more than likely benefit from hiring a lawyer for your case. We’d like to encourage you to call us and set up a free, confidential, no-obligation consultation. We’ll give you a free evaluation of your case and offer you helpful advice even if you decide not to hire us.

5 Questions to Determine Whether or Not You need a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Do you have total damages (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) of at least $3,000?

2. Was the accident someone else’s fault?

3. Are there clear damages to your vehicle?

4. Did you seek medical treatment promptly after the accident?

5. Are you following the doctor’s recommended treatment?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you should consider consulting with a personal injury lawyer who can provide you guidance and help you maximize your settlement.

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You can also learn more about personal injury by downloading our free book, The Traveler’s Guide to the Universe of Personal Injury. No matter what you choose to do, you should take action as soon as possible as there are deadlines that can keep you from bringing forth your claim if you do not take action soon enough.