Being involved in a car accident in Wichita Falls, Dallas, or anywhere for that matter, can really upend your life, especiallyDriver frustrated sitting by car after hit-and-run car accident hit-and-run car accidents. These types of accidents are especially frustrating because the person who caused the accident is no where to be found and therefore, you can’t necessarily go the traditional route of receiving compensation for your injuries (through their insurance company).

How Do You Recover from Hit-and-Run Car Accidents in Wichita Falls and Dallas?

Hopefully, the police investigate, the person gets caught, and you can file a claim against them in order to recover from their insurance company. But if this doesn’t happen, what are your options? The truth is, unfortunately, not a lot. You could always hire an attorney to conduct an investigation and try to find the person. But otherwise, if there is no identifiable liable party, there is no one out there to recover from, and you have to then rely on the insurance you have.

It’s for these exact situations that we recommend everyone having uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. UM coverage kicks in a variety of situations to cover the costs of your accident (up to the amount of coverage you have) in the event the other person either doesn’t have insurance, doesn’t have enough insurance, or as in this case, you don’t know who caused the accident. UM also follows you, not your vehicle, so it would work even when you are injured in someone else’s vehicle. UM is a great add-on to have because it is relatively inexpensive and it provides you with the extra protection you need out on the road.

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