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Estate Planning

Why You Need an Estate Plan

Estate planning is mapping out and deciding what happens to you and all of your possessions if at any point you become incapacitated or you pass away. Why should your lifetime of hard work go to waste or go to someone you don't intend for it to? Estate planning means protecting yourself, your assets, and your family. 

People who pass away without a Will and have assets leave a huge burden on those they leave behind. Think about getting a list of all of your “stuff”, and how hard that would be. Now, consider this: if it’s difficult for you to account for all your “stuff”, imagine how hard it would be for someone else, or a loved one to come in, not knowing where anything is, to get all your “stuff” in order, all while trying to grieve at the same time. The more planning you do now, the less burden you place on those you leave behind.

Common goals of estate planning:

  • Keep control of your property
  • Protect yourself and your family
  • Get your assets to the people you want without any unnecessary costs

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