We have all seen people who are obviously drunk, but what happens when those people get behind the wheel? Sadly, drunk driving accidents are often the reality. When an intoxicated driver causes a crash, victims of the wreck may have a dram shop claim on their hands.

In Texas and Oklahoma, there are dram shop laws that apply when a server or bartender over-serves alcohol to someone. Restaurants and their employees are supposed to refuse serving alcohol to those who appear intoxicated. When they fail to do this and that customer gets into a wreck, the establishment could be held liable.

If you have been injured as a result of a drunk driver, you should contact an attorney to have him investigate your crash and determine if a restaurant or bar could be responsible. To find out if you have a dram shop claim, contact attorney Steven Booker for a complimentary consultation at 940-569-4000 or online at

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